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( Jan. 18th, 2017 02:58 pm)
Take A Giant Step Outside Your Mind
Chapter 3

Once the cars had driven away, Davy turned to Andy expectantly. "All right, what's this all about? I know some guys resent me because lots of girls like me, is that it?"
Andy couldn't look Davy in the eyes. "This is so hard to say," he mumbled.
"You know, Andy, there are two things I really believe about love. The first one is love should make somebody a nicer person, not a meaner one." He paused. "The other one is if you're attracted to a girl you should just tell her."
"What if you're attracted to a guy?" Andy whispered.
Davy's eyes opened wide.
"That's what this is all about?!"
Andy nodded.
"Well, um, I need to let you know I'm surprised but I'm not angry or disgusted or anything like that. I can't return your feelings for me 'cos I fancy girls and not boys but as long as you start acting more polite we can certainly be friends." Davy put out his hand for Andy to shake.

Some time later, at the Monkees' house, Micky and Laura had gone upstairs rather quickly, Peter was watching TV, Charlotte went for a walk on the beach and Mike and Katie were listening to Sgt. Pepper and reading and doing a crossword puzzle.
Mike said, "Well, sure, I want to, Katie, but not right now, I gotta keep an eye on things in case Davy calls!"
The phone rang and Mike grabbed it. "Hello?...Hey, Davy!...Oh, you did?...well, that's a groove...want me and Pete to come pick you up, then?...OK, we'll see you when we get there...bye." He put down the phone. "Davy says he had a long talk with Andy and he thinks everything's gonna work out all right."


The Hampsters dropped by the Monkees' house. "Hey, guys, guess what?" said Laura. "We got a recording contract!"
Lots of hugs and handshakes and general congrats were exchanged. Guillermo added, "We owe it all to this great new manager we've got! Andy met him and we want to introduce him to you, his name is Henry Whitehouse."
The man in the expensive suit who stood with his arm around Andy looked EXACTLY like Davy.



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