greghousesgf: (Bertie's Mouth)
( Feb. 6th, 2017 10:38 am)
My feet hurt because I did a ton of walking around while shopping yesterday. I walked to the Safeway and got mostly meat, fish, yogurt and veggies, then walked home and dropped the groceries off, checked my messages (didn't get any), then went to Cost Plus and got a really pretty Chinese ceramic bowl and some tea. I really wanted Lapsang Souchong but they didn't have any. This really nice girl who worked at Cost Plus got into a big conversation with me about David Bowie. Then I walked over to Chinatown to look for Lapsang Souchong but the stores didn't have any. Since it was new year's it was pretty lively with firecrackers going off and music and one woman was selling live rabbits in a box. They were so cute! Finally found one Chinese tea store that had Lapsang Souchong but they wanted $128 a pound for it so fuck that noise. I went home. The stupid bus home was really slow and I got pestered by an annoying homeless guy trying to give me financial advice. if he knows so damn much about how to save money why is he homeless? more to the point, why do fuckups single me out?


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