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Anybody reading this a fan of the Great British Bakeoff?
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Yay! Got my end of the month $$ to last me till I get paid Tuesday!
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Yayy! I lost four pounds this week! I've got to keep swimming!
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I'd like to swim laps every day but I have to spin my wheels now because they haven't cleaned the pool yet.
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Wish I had something interesting and fun to talk about here. I don't. :(
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Listened to some great blues live in old town Oakland yesterday, feeling very relaxed now.
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It's a gorgeous sunny day out right now, not too hot, just nice, and I'm going to go downtown this afternoon. :)
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Had a nice long swim and a walk in the park in Berkeley and went to the library with roomie today, beautiful day for it.
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Not much going on here but I'm in a somewhat better mood today. Got the annual best of the bay paper today, I save those, I've found some of my favorite places and things through those.
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I lost a pound, yay! Not much else going on here, they have to spray for roaches in my building in some of the other apts but I don't have roaches, thank fuck.
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Had some English Afternoon tea earlier, not looking forward to my diet class tonight. The last two times I gained weight despite exercising and mostly being good about what I ate, which I also did this week.
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Nothing going on here today at all.
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Nothing going on now but I had a good time yesterday, some great cosplay at the Rick and Morty thing and the Rickmobile was trippy as shit. Not a real party though, they were just selling t shirts and I didn't feel like standing on line for 3 hours to buy t shirts. Went to the good old Parkway last night for MST3K and karaoke and beer and dinner. Awesome on all four counts. Didn't participate in the trivia this time because I don't want to be a hog.
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I had so much fun yesterday and I'm probably going to have lots of fun today too, I'm going to a Rick and Morty promo party later today and then MST3K night at the Parkway!
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Looking forward to today. I'm going swimming later, then roomie's boyfriend is coming over so I'm going to give them some privacy and go to my favorite local cafe, then go for a long walk around the lake because it's a nice day out (and take my iPod) then I'm going to go see The Big Lebowski (a movie I love) on the big screen tonight at the good old Parkway! :)
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Beer Not God was a lot of fun as usual, it almost made up for when I was trying to go swimming yesterday afternoon and a bunch of my neighbors' little asshole teenagers stared at me like I was some kind of freak just for walking towards a pool wearing a bathing suit and carrying a towel and then one little moron asks me if I'm going swimming. Want to know why I don't fucking like kids? That is why. Because they're not only rude, they're stupid.
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Had another nightmare about the orange Nazi asshole, gained 3 pounds despite all the swimming, thank fuck I'm going to Beer Not God tonight.
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I had a really bad nightmare last night and not much sleep otherwise and I don't want to go to my boring diet class tonight especially because I'm scared of gaining weight even though I exercised more by swimming a bunch of laps this past week.
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Just had two big cups of Taylor's Tearoom Blend so I'm feeling very alert right now. Too bad I've got fuck all to do with this energy and when I went out to go grocery shopping yesterday I had WAAAAY more than the usual number and intensity of encounters with people acting batshit insane, apparently those two creeps in the elevator were only the beginning. The only people I saw acting normal (for them) were people I personally knew (roomie, my building manager, this friend of mine, etc.)
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Never heard anything more about what I walked into yesterday. I'm scared to leave my apartment now.